In this turbulent global economy, with this Global Pandemic, sometimes the best path forward is looking backward. Pan Am clearly had people’s attention at one point, and there’s potentially less legwork needed to resurrect a safe well known brand than starting from scratch, attempting to grab mind and heart-share among the harried masses.

But how do you do it? There was a reason that Pan Am went away. Is its past glory irretrievable, and a waste of time and energy to attempt a resurrection?

We say NO!

At Pan Am Global we feel the past is a lesson with which must not be ignored. For that reason we are returning the operations of Pan Am to historical greatness offering a healthier upscale service to all of our customers. No longer will you be packed as sardines in a metal cylinder flying six miles above earth at 500 plus miles per hour.

With foresight and technology, risk factors on a Pan Am flight are at a minimal. You will enjoy the spaciousness, service, and comfort of times past offering a well improved healthy and enjoyable environment.

You, your friends, and your family can rest assured that Pan Am has your best interest in mind.

Pan Am plans to return to full service by the end of 2020.

Fly with Us to a Better Future


D.G. Tatum
Pan Am Global


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